Office 395, Gamarnik-str. 30, 220131, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus
               +375 (29) 551-25-10

ALPHALEK’s professionals have the appropriate qualification and adequate knowledge of pharmacovigilance activities. These skills enable us to be a pharmacovigilance contact partner in the Republic of Belarus for many European pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical regulations bind manufacturers of drug products to ensure a continuous operation of system of adverse reactions monitoring (Pharmacovigilance).


  • Obtaining and handing over of reports on adverse events identified in the territory of Belarus, including notifications from end-users, physicians, reports from non-interventional study and literature and so on
  • Submission of reports on adverse events and safety reports to regulatory authorities
  • Search of communications on identified adverse reactions in specialized literary sources and preparation of correspondent reports
  • Intercommunication with regulatory authorities in the matter of pharmacovigilance

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